Coconut Butter

COCONUT BUTTER (likewise called Coconut Puree, Creamed of Coconut/Coconut Concentrate) - is 100% Natural and Functional Food. CocoWonder Coconut Butter has real and solid coco-nutty flavor with the coconut drain velvety taste that ENJOYABLE TO EAT WITHOUT A GUILT. Coconut Butter has around half Dietary Fiber and considered Super Foods since it has Healing Properties past its High Content of Nutritional Values and picked by wellbeing cognizant shoppers, especially diabetics, calorie counters, and competitors. Coconut Butter has 1 years time span of usability if put away at clean territory at room temperature. NOTE: Coconut Butter has here and there demonstrated dark colored spot from coconut skin which is normal, and furthermore indicates observable Virgin coconut oil detachment at the best layer or base, however, this does not influence the quality. Rather, it shows just that the item is characteristic and no stabilizer added.As a famous name, we are involved in offering Coconut Butter to our esteemed supporters. Rich in immersed solid fats and vitamin content, this Coconut Butter Ultra Refined is added to sustenance, pharmaceuticals, and restorative items. If the item has a huge extent of minerals that incorporate calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper and iron.

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